Your Ideal Housing Partner in Rosemount, MN

If you have been looking for one of the sparsely populated cities in Minnesota then Rosemount, MN is your answer. The town doesn’t just offer a suburban feel but also a lot of natural beauty with breathtaking sceneries and parks. The setting is often ideal for family setups but you can also enjoy living here without a family. The low crime rate is another reason why Rosemount is a great place to visit or live in and we try to improve your experience by providing the best housing services. Some of the reasons why we are the best include:


Our expert team isn’t just great at helping our clients find affordable housing to buy, but we are also good at finding apartments for rent. With us, you can be sure that you will be handled with respect, with your exact housing needs being met. Our professional team can also give you expert advice when it comes to making the right real estate choices. 


Having been in business for over three decades has equipped us with experience to handle every low-income housing project properly. We have worked with apartment rentals, student-friendly townhomes, and luxury apartments.

Multiple options 

Our goal is to help all residents and investors in Rosemount, MN find a suitable property including those under section 8. For learners, apartments near the University of St. Paul are a good option while for the elderly, senior apartments are perfect. Either way, you will get the best assistance from us. Our expansive service category also includes tenant placement, consultation, property management, and real estate development. 

The Boisclair Corporation is here to help you get the most value from investment regardless of whether you’re renting or buying the property. We will take you to the best dog-friendly apartments or any other apartment of your choice. Contact us today and experience customer satisfaction and affordability that is unmatched.