Affordable Rental Apartments in Minneapolis, MN

Affordable Rental Apartments in Minneapolis, MN

Although most people associate Minneapolis with high population density, the city also has a lot to offer especially in the real estate industry. Most properties here are made with architectural designs that aren’t just classic but are also tied to the rich history of the region. Vibrant nightlife, cultural diversity, expensive lifestyle, and hot dishes are additional factors that make Minneapolis famous. However, the high property rates don’t mean you can’t find affordable housing to make your life here easier. Boisclair Corporation is here to help you find the cheapest apartments for rent in any location you prefer.

Our company understands how hard it is to find convenient and comfortable accommodation in Minneapolis MN, especially when you are looking for low-income housing, and that is what we aim to solve for you. We can even get you dog-friendly apartments at a price you’re comfortable with. Some of our customer categories include:


If you need student-friendly townhomes then we will help you locate one at a location that is closest to your institution. These include apartments near the University of St. Paul or any other place where you study. 


We also have senior apartments for those who are considering retirement or have already retired. Through these housing options, we help you make the financial adjustments you need to make your life less stressful as you age. 

Low-income earners

We work with the section 8 program to ensure that you still get decent living space even if you don’t have a lot of money. With us, you can be sure that you will find the most ideal apartment rentals for your entire family. 

At Boisclair Corporation we try to be as inclusive as possible and that is why we also have luxury apartments for those who need them. Whatever your housing needs are, you can be sure that we will solve them. Call us today and enjoy the most affordable housing Minneapolis, MN has to offer.