Premium Apartment Rentals in Edina, MN

Finding the right kind of apartment isn’t always easy especially when you are not earning too much money or when the rental property rates are too high. The process can also be difficult if you’re looking for a retirement property or if you’re a student. Our company reduces that stress by making senior apartments and student-friendly townhomes more accessible. We try to add to the quality of life Edina, MN provides its residents by making sure that all our clients’ needs are met. With the kind of housing services we provide, you will find something appropriate regardless of your financial situation. 

Benefits of working with us

Home accessibility

Our experts know Edina, MN layout perfectly and that means that getting you the right apartments for rent will be easier. We also understand that each person has specific features they need in a home. For some, it may be pet-friendliness which means dog-friendly apartments are more valuable. For others, it may be affordability which makes low-income housing more ideal. Either way, we will help you out. 


Instead of spending a lot of time and money trying to locate the best housing option, hire our company to simplify the process for you. We know all Edina, MN neighborhoods with the kind of housing options found in them. Our management and consultation services are also tailored to help you save money.

Excellent support

Boisclair Corporation is here to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by the process of trying to find affordable housing. With the Section 8 program, we can help you live comfortably within your means.

Our company serves those who want to buy luxury apartments as well as those looking for ideal apartment rentals. If you’re a student, we can help you find apartments near the University of St Paul or any other location closer to your school. Call us today and experience perfection.