Low Income Housing in Bloomington, MN

With the average apartment rental price in Bloomington, MN being over $1000, finding affordable housing here can be very difficult especially when you don’t work with the right company. The expensive nature of housing here doesn’t take away the city’s beauty and shouldn’t be a reason for you to fear living here. With Boisclair Corporation, you will not just have affordable housing but also reliable housing that is able to fit your exact needs. For instance, we will recommend dog-friendly apartments if you have pets or student-friendly townhomes if you’re still studying.

Our approach 

One of our goals is to meet each person’s needs and expectations as fast as possible. We understand the stress that comes with having to find new accommodations and that is why we don’t prolong the process. We start by understanding the kind of apartment rentals you’re looking for before we proceed to give you several options that fall within your budget. To make this process simpler, we ask for details such as the number of beds you’re looking for, your income, type of house you’re looking for, location, and availability of pets. You can also tell us your preferred community if there is one.

Having been in business for decades has allowed us to familiarize ourselves with all the best low-income housing neighborhoods which make it easier for us to meet your demands. Our collaborations with multiple reputable partners also allow us to select the best apartments for rent for each customer. 

Our comprehensive services include property management in Bloomington MN, which means that you can work with us as a luxury apartment owner as well. We can manage all your properties including senior apartments and represent your wishes accordingly. We also try our best to keep up with the section 8 program and that allows us to provide housing to those who need it most but wouldn’t afford it under normal circumstances. 

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